OPR/PNWR Dual Membership


Living on the Olympic Peninsula places us across the Puget Sound from Seattle and the Pacific NW Region (PNWR) of the PCA.

The PNWR offers OPR members a multitude of additional nearby Porsche related events and activities.  However, given the PNWR’s size, many of these events and activities are oversubscribed before registration is even available to club members in our region.

Dual OPR/PNWR membership gives OPR members the same benefits as PNWR members such as early access to PNWR event registration, PNWR’s newsletter “Spiel”, one-off event T-Shirts, limited additional window clings, and more.

Dual membership is a unique benefit developed jointly by the OPR and PNWR. 


$40 annually, invoiced by PNWR once registration is accepted.


To register for dual membership, existing OPR members just need to submit a registration request.