Open 2023 Board and Chair Positions

President (2 year term)

Presides over all meetings; prepares the agenda and directs the discussion thereof; acts as an ex-officio member of all standing committees and temporary committees except the Nominating Committee; executes all documents and correspondence in the name of the Region as authorized by the membership or the Board of Directors.

He/she may act as a signer or cosigner of Region checks. The President is responsible for returning the completed annual Region Report Form and Continuity Checklist to PCA National, assuring that the new President of the Region has signed this report acknowledging receipt of this Manual and other Region property.

The President is automatically a voting member of the National Board of Directors which meets two times a year. The President should also be aware of special awards given at the Parade. These include the President s Parade Trophy, the Paul Heinmiller Memorial Trophy (the Newsletter Contest), the Lazar Blanchard Memorial Trophy (Enthusiast of the Year Award), Family of the Year Award, and the Web Site Contest.

The President should distribute the Region Officers’ list of duties to the new Board Members and Chairs, and this should develop into a specific discussion of what is needed and expected by both for the year. The President is required to run and attend monthly Board meetings on a regular basis.

Contact Bill Corrigan if you have any questions.

Treasurer (2 year term)

Keeps and preserves the records and books of account reflecting the financial condition and operation of the Region; signs or co-signs all drafts on the accounts of the Region and any corporate documents which obligate the Region financially; prepares and files IRS information and state taxing authority returns as required.

Upon the request of the President, Board of Directors, or Region membership, furnishes a report of the financial transactions, receives all monies paid to the Region, and deposits it to the bank designated by the Region. The Treasurer is required to attend the monthly Board meetings on a regular basis.

Contact Dave Loser if you have any questions.

Member at Large (1 year term)

If you cannot decide which of the above positions you would like best, perhaps the Member at Large is for you. The Member at Large fills in where he/she is needed, either through direct tasking, or through his/her own initiative.

Best described as “A Helper”, the Member at Large assists with special events, understaffed boards, and over tasked editors.  One of five Board Members. You will be required to attend the monthly Board meetings on a regular basis. One year position.

Contact Brett Burroughs if you have any questions.

Advertising Chair (1 year term)

Solicit and obtain/retain advertisers for the newsletter. Obtain “camera ready” or digital copy from corporate advertisers and submit to Newsletter Editor by the selected day of the month prior to publication.  Submit invoices to advertisers for advertising, 60 days prior to the expiration of their current ad.

Maintain financial records for accounts receivable and payable on a current basis. Provides any advertising money received to the Treasurer for deposit in Region’s checking account within 10 days of receipt. Maintain an advertising rate schedule and propose appropriate rate changes to the Board of Directors.

Report all past due accounts to the Board of Directors, along with recommendations for collection procedures and appropriate course of action. Coordinate editorial and advertising inputs with the Newsletter Editor.

Website Chair (1 year term)

Maintenance of the Olympic Peninsula Region web site at  Updates should be made as new information is available to keep the site current, but at a minimum within a few days of receiving new information.  This often requires the chairperson to be proactive and ask event chairs and others in the Region for the updated information. 

The website should include the following minimum information:  Home Page (latest news and upcoming events with links to event pages for details and link to PCA National website), Club Contacts (board members & committee chairs with contact information), Calendar of Events (current year’s calendar of events that are scheduled with links to event pages for details), Event Pages (for upcoming events scheduled within the next month or so), Past Events (Pictures and write-up on past events), Past Newsletters & Board Meeting Minutes, Classified Ads, Club Sponsors (appear on each web page), and Club History. 

Contact Rob Grasby if you have any questions.