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OPR-PCA Events are Back (with precautions)!

** WA states’s recent Phase 2/3 guideline updates have delayed restarting club events. Please check back for further updates **

The health and safety of our members, employees, sponsors and communities are first and foremost in all things the PCA does. At a result the PCA has implemented a number of new Event Participation Guidelines for all club sponsored events to protect yourself and others.

You will be required to print (in color) and sign a Communicable Disease Waiver prior to participation in each OPR-PCA sponsored event.

Federal, State and Local guidelines and restrictions supersede these guidelines where there is conflict or ambiguity.

Charity Nominations

Its time to start thinking about 2020 OPR-PCA Charity Nominations. Please nominate your favorite charity now! Submit completed normination forms to Bob Becken by 8/31/20.

Porsche Color Wiki

Check out Rennbow, the Porsche Color Wiki – the largest collection of Porsche images on the Web. Upload your car images and make them part of a database of over 4,000 images that grows every day.