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Nominations for 2025 Board Members Needed

We are accepting nominations for the 2025 calendar year for the President, Treasurer, and Member at Large officers. Please take a few minutes to read about these positions. If something interests you, please contact our Nominating Committee Chair, Brett Burroughs, at,  by August 14th. The OPR Board and supporting members ensure the smooth operation of our club. We encourage you to take a personal interest in our club and run for one of the open positions.

President (2-year term):

Presides over all Region Board meetings; prepares the agenda and directs the discussion thereof; acts as an ex-officio member of all standing committees and temporary committees except the Nominating Committee; executes all documents and correspondence in the name of the Region as authorized by the membership or the Board of Directors, or in the Region Bylaws. He/she may act as a signer or co-signer of Region checks.

The President is responsible for returning the completed annual Region Report and Continuity Checklist Form to PCA National. The President needs to be familiar with the contents of the Region’s Bylaws and Redbook. The President should distribute a list of duties to the Region Officers and the new Chairs, and this should develop into a specific discussion of what is needed and expected by both for the year.

The President is automatically a voting member of the National Board of Directors which meets two times a year (via teleconference). The President has a fiduciary responsibility to attend these two teleconferences.  The President is also responsible to attend Zone Presidents’ meetings twice per year, one in person and one via teleconference.

The President should also be aware of special awards given at the Parade. These include the President’s Parade Trophy, the Newsletter Contest Trophy, the Enthusiast of the Year Trophy, the Family of the Year Award, The Ferry Porsche Trophy (Region of the Year), and the Website Contest. Two-year position. One of five Board members. If you have any questions, please reach out to our current President, Jill Diefenderfer at

    Treasurer (2-year term):

    Keeps and preserves the records and books of account reflecting the financial condition and operation of the Region; signs or co-signs all drafts on the accounts of the Region and any corporate documents which obligate the Region financially; prepares and files IRS information and state taxing authority returns as required. Upon the request of the President, Board of Directors, or Region membership, furnishes a report of the financial transactions, receives all monies paid to the Region, and deposits it to the bank designated by the Region.

    Two-year position. One of five Board members. You will be required to attend the monthly Board meetings on a regular basis. If you have any questions, please reach out to our current Treasurer, Dave Loser at

    Member at Large (1-year term):

    If you cannot decide which of the above positions you would like best, perhaps the Member at Large is for you. The Member at Large fills in where he/she is needed, either through direct tasking, or through his/her own initiative. Best described as “A Helper”, the Member at Large assists with special events, understaffed boards, and over tasked editors.  One-year position. One of five Board Members. You will be required to attend the monthly Board meetings on a regular basis. If you have any questions, please reach out to our current Member at Large, Brett Burroughs at

    OPR/PNWR Dual Membership

    Ever wanted to participate in PNWR activities or events but couldn’t because you weren’t a member of their region?

    If someone tells you that you “HAVE TO” join PNWR to participate in their events, don’t believe them. Now you can have the same benefits and priority as a PNWR member with an OPR/PNWR Dual Membership.

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