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Board Election Results
  - President:  Bill Elwell
  - Treasurer:  Bob Becken
  - Member at Large:  Brooks Hanford
For the complete lineup of board members, head on over to the Officers and Contacts page.

Region Dues (or the lack of them)
At the November 2018 Board Meeting, the board voted not charge region dues in 2019.  Some years ago, the club started charging region dues to offset the costs of our printed newsletter.  Over the years we have been building a tidy sum of money in the bank.  Since we stopped printing our newsletter, our bank account balance has grown.  To put it bluntly, we now have a safe sum of money in the bank and the balance continues to grow. Since we don’t have a plan for the use of that money in the future, we voted to discontinue the region dues in 2019.  If need present themselves at some point in the future, the board may restart the dues.

A Message from the President
Where Will Our Next Club Leaders Come From?  This year, the positions of President, Treasurer, and Member at Large were up for election. We only had one person step up for any of those positions. Brooks Hanford put his name in to run for member at large. That’s it! Nobody else! No interest in either the position of President or Treasurer. Silence. Crickets. REALLY? SERIOUSLY?  Bill Elwell will continue on for a second term as President and Bob Becken as Treasurer. But folks, this situation can’t continue. The bylaws have a 2 consecutive term limit for board members.

So that begs the question, where will our future leadership come from? The next milestone comes at the end of 2019 when we will need to replace the Secretary, Vice President, and Member at Large. Which one of you is going to step up and take your turn on the board?