Friday, October 20, 2017
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Reminders & Announcements
Board and Chair Positions
We are accepting nominations for the 2018 calendar year for the Vice President, Secretary and Member at Large offices. Please take a few minutes to look these available positions over. If something interests you, please contact our Election Committee Chair, Don Knievel at or (253) 858-6902 by Oct. 14th, so that ballots can be prepared and sent out in October. The OPR Board and supporting members ensure the smooth operation of our club. We encourage you to take an active role in our club.

- Board Positions

Vice President (2 year term) – The Vice President is responsible for requesting Insurance coverage for all moving car events (tours, rallies, tech sessions, etc.) and ensuring the completion of Post Event and Observer’s Reports for these events and submission to National PCA office. In the absence of the President, presides over Board/Membership meetings; prepares the agenda and directs the discussion thereof. Two year position. One of five Board members. Vice President is required to attend the monthly Board/Membership meetings on a regular basis and Annual Membership meeting. Our current Vice President is Don Knievel.

Secretary (2 year term) – Keeps and preserves the minutes of all meetings of the Board and membership and provides a copy to Newsletter Editor and Webmaster for publishing. One of five Board members. Secretary is required to attend the monthly Board/Membership meetings on a regular basis and Annual Membership meeting. Our current Secretary is Maryann Elwell.

Member at Large (1 year term) – If you cannot decide which of the above positions you would like best, perhaps the Member at Large is for you. The Member at Large fills in where he/she is needed, either through direct tasking, or through his/her own initiative. Best described as "A Helper", the Member at Large assists with special events, understaffed boards, and over tasked editors. One of five Board Members. The Member at Large is required to attend the monthly Board/Membership meetings on a regular basis. Our current Member at Large is Alex Raphael.

We are looking for volunteers for the 2018 calendar year for the following committee chairs. If something interests you, please let our President, Bill Elwell at or (253) 853-4003.

- Chair Positions

Newsletter Editor – Prepare, edit and cause to be published a bi-monthly newsletter for the purpose of communicating to the Region membership information pertinent to the activities and operation of the Region. Appoint co-editor as needed. The newsletter shall include, but not be limited to: calendar of upcoming events, articles about upcoming events; articles and photos from past events; Board of Directors meeting minutes; new membership data; Goodie Store advertisement; Classified Ads; paid advertiser ads, list Board Members and Committee Chairpersons with contact numbers and email addresses; newsletter credits; technical articles; and President's message. Coordinate editorial and advertising inputs with the appropriate chairpersons. Temporarily being filled by Bill Elwell
Webmaster – Maintenance of the Olympic Peninsula Region web site at Coordinate with appropriate chair people to keep the site current. The website should include the following minimum information: Home Page (latest news and upcoming events with links to event pages for details and link to PCA National website), Club Contacts (board members & committee chairs with contact information), Calendar of Events (current year's calendar of events that are scheduled with links to event pages for details), Event Pages (for upcoming events scheduled within the next month or so), Past Events (Pictures and write-up on past events), Past Newsletters & Board Meeting Minutes, Classified Ads, Club Sponsors (appear on each web page), and Club History. Our current Webmasters are Konrad Klett, Bill Elwell, and Maryann Elwell.

Advertising Chairperson
– Solicit and obtain/retain advertisers for the newsletter. Obtain "camera ready" or digital copy from corporate advertisers and submit to Newsletter Editor by the selected day of the month prior to publication. Submit invoices to advertisers for advertising, 60 days prior to the expiration of their current ad. Maintain financial records for accounts receivable and payable on a current basis. Provides any advertising money received to the Treasurer for deposit in Region's checking account within 10 days of receipt. Maintain an advertising rate schedule and propose appropriate rate changes to the Board of Directors. Report all past due accounts to the Board of Directors, along with recommendations for collection procedures and appropriate course of action. Coordinate editorial and advertising inputs with the Newsletter Editor. Our prior Advertising Chair is Pete Bonfrisco.

Safety Chairperson
– Responsible for the club’s Safety. Provides the following services, in accordance with appropriate Region Event Guidelines for all moving car events: (1) provide a monitor for all moving car events to ensure that the event organizers provide for the safety throughout the event; (2) ensure releases are signed by everyone; (3) make recommendations to the Region on all items of local interest pertinent to safety; (4) oversee the overall safe conduct of Region events, collect, report, and update all safety related information as made available from National PCA; and (5) review and resolve all safety issues submitted to the Safety Chair. 
2017 OPR Newsletter Ad Rates

To advertise in our newsletter for 2017 please contract our Advertising Chair, Pete Bonfrisco via e-mail.  Payment is due by the first of the month prior to publication for the starting edition.  

2017 Newsletter Advertising Rates:

2017 Ad Options

Color Ad Rates

B&W Ad Rates

Back Cover (3/4 Page)



Full Page



Half Page



Quarter Page



Business Card



The above rates are for an entire year of 6 newsletters and will be prorated based on when you start your ad.  For OPR PCA members, the first $20 of your ad cost covers your Region Dues for 2017.


Upcoming Events
Event StartTitle
10/31/2017 12:30 AM Holiday Party RSVP & Payment Due
10/31/2017 12:30 AM Holiday Party Charity Silent Auction Items Wanted
11/11/2017 5:00 PM Dinner/Annual Meeting
11/15/2017 12:30 AM Roster Updates Due
11/18/2017 6:00 PM Movie Night
11/25/2017 12:30 AM 2018 Board Election Ballots Due
11/30/2017 12:30 AM Holiday Party Hotel Rooms Released
12/9/2017 6:00 PM Holiday Party


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