Goody Store Orders: Our goodie store chairs are collecting orders for our next purchase.  The more orders we get the better pricing we can obtain.  Please check out our catalog at Please be sure to get your order into our Goodie Store Chairs, Don & Sue Knievel at or phone:  (253) 209-2472.

OPR-PCA Roster:  Several people have been asking about an OPR-PCA Roster of our members.  Due to privacy concerns, we are no longer allowed to publish a roster unless a member gives us permission to be include in the roster.  If you would like to be included in our next membership roster, please contact Maryann Elwell by 6/1/19 at with what information from the PCA membership database you want included in the roster (i.e., name(s), phone number, mailing address, email, car model).

Porsche Clothing Items for Sale
One of our members has a number of men's clothing items for sale.  Please click to see photos and descriptions. Porsche items for sale.

Join our Region Facebook Group
Keep in touch with others in the club.  You'll have to request access.  Here is the link.